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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
Building regulations chimney Marco890 Stove fitting 3 0
by Marco890
fitting a stove in a loft conversion Ponty1971 Stove fitting 8 1
by Storrie
Fitting pipe stats to a boiler install norrie Stove fitting 23 0
by norrie
Wood stove near vinyl collection? Mikka Stove fitting 15 0
by Mikka
Back boiler install norrie Stove fitting 15 1
by torchy
Installing into existing chimney. Bazza Stove fitting 43 3
by Storrie
Fitting closure plate query please samsocket Stove fitting 21 1
by torchy
Log burner with a built in back boiler Andyhumps Stove fitting 44 2
by Storrie
leaking boiler stove paulmarshall Introduce yourself! 9 0
by paulmarshall
Help! with opening up fireplace please samsocket Stove fitting 38 2
by Storrie
Supports partly missing from fireplace? griff_me Stove fitting 28 1
by Storrie
Help with flue please MH1ggs Stove fitting 23 0
by MH1ggs
Stovey 5kw Andybu Stove fitting 35 0
by Andybu
stove construction Mark88 Stove fitting 36 3
by AAA.Wood.Burner
hi all Mark88 Introduce yourself! 8 1
by AAA.Wood.Burner
Building Regs Sheepdisease Stove fitting 30 0
by Sheepdisease
Bricked up chimney void? Clembo Stove fitting 59 5
by Clembo
Hearth mrkjd Stove fitting 40 1
by mrkjd
Advantage of 6 inch twinwall over 5 inch mrkjd Stove fitting 36 2
by mrkjd
What's best way to connect freestanding antique woodburner to chimney (clay lined) please gh500 Stove fitting 36 1
by Storrie
Anyone recognise this stove? razzitout Stove buying 82 4
by AAA.Wood.Burner
Cracked hob grate bzzzzzt Stove buying 38 6
by AAA.Wood.Burner
Existing stove which won't shift! PMR0001 Stove fitting 98 9
by PMR0001
Charnwood control mov1976 Stove fitting 34 0
by mov1976
Advice on fireproof something-or-other to fill a gap RichardB Stove fitting 54 2
by RichardB

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